Why Huawei is banned by Google?

According to a new report by the Financial Times, Google is trying to make the case to the Trump administration that it needs to be able to provide technology to Huawei in the name of US national security. … Google, like all US companies, has been banned from having business dealings with Huawei.

Given they’re a fast-growing smartphone and laptop brand, China-based Huawei is practically synonymous with up-and-coming tech brands, especially with Scarlett Johanssen and Henry Cavill posing stylishly with devices we’re so sure they’re using. The tech company is also pioneering in 5G telecom equipment after spending on research for the good part of two decades.

What does Huawei’s trade ban mean for your Huawei or Honor phone?

we don’t yet have an official reaction from other companies such as Google so the situation remains unchanged at present. However, we’d say that there is a much stronger certainty of new Huawei phones having the official Google version of Android and upgrades being provided beyond Android Q. 

So what does the current situation mean for the Huawei device you have in your hand, and what does it mean for the one you might buy next? Let’s investigate.
The ruling meant that Huawei would only be able to use the openly available version of Android – which doesn’t include access to Google apps like Maps and YouTube, the Play Store or Google Assistant. It’s been strongly indicated that, as a contingency, Huawei has been developing its own version of the Android software thought to be called Ark OS (or HongMeng OS in China).

Developments took a surprising detour when, in May, US President Donald Trump used the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to restrict trade with China because it feels using their telecom technologies could pose risks to US’ national security. It’s a move which took the tech world aback, not just the US and China.
As a result, all US-based companies have cold-shouldered Huawei Technologies — but this hasn’t put Huawei on the back foot… in fact, they are using social media to respond to the accusations by the US.

On May 24, Amazon pulled out Huawei devices in Japan from its website. However, no such steps have been taken in India. Banning sales in India which is one the largest smartphone market would definitely heat up the US-China trade-war. As per GSMA report ‘India: becoming 5G-ready’ in May 2019, a growing number of trails have taken place with various vendors including Huawei and Ericsson. Recent reports suggest that India is yet to give the nod to Huawei’s 5G trial participation due to security concerns.
Mumbai-based techie Munaf Kapadia says, “Whether the bans stay or not, I feel this experience will push Huawei to be a self-reliant company which will lead to more innovations.”

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