10 Movies to Cheer you up on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

If you are locked up and Currently, the world is going through a catastrophic pandemic and the best you can do is stay put. Don’t move, don’t travel, don’t indulge in anything. Except for activities that you can do at home. And, a large part of work from home also means bingeing on a lot of your favourite content. In times like these, we would suggest you watch some feel good movies on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, just to lift up your mood. After all, we’re all in this together. So here’s our list of movies so help you not worry about coronavirus.

1. Karwaan – Amazon Prime Video

Karwaan is the story of three extremely different people coming together due to a mix up and an untimely death. However, the movie is about their journey and with Irrfan Khan’s perfectly timed comic bursts, this one is definitely a feel-good film. One that is deeper than the bickering, humour and chaos we see in this film. If not anything, watch it for the lovely shots of South India, now that you can’t actually travel.

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