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May 14, 2020

Top 08 Free Web Hosting Providers of all time

In the last post , we discussed about “How you can start a blog for Free!” , and it requires you to get a web hosting service for free.(among other ways obviously). So now, let’s talk about 08 (why 08?) places where you can find web hosting for FREE ! Top 08 Free Web Hosting Providers of all time. We will be talking about real […]

January 31, 2020

Meena ; The world of a.i, conversational agents (aka chatbots)

With AI platforms like Alexa and Siri improving every passing day, the next natural step for tech firms is to make them more human-friendly, at least in terms of conversation. We saw Samsung attempting this recently with its ‘Neon’ platform and now Google is trying to do the same with its new open-domain chatbot named ‘Meena’. This was announced by Daniel Adiwardana, Senior Research Engineer, […]