About Us

Blogging is an art just like every other form of art out there,and quite often one needs a little guidance to keep walking on the right path.

Why Leisure Cave ?

Many of us start our blogging journey because we love to write at our leisure.We write not just for ourselves but for the world to see; and what may be a better tool than blogging may it be ? Blogging on WordPress is Simple , efficient and search engine friendly. You can publicize your work and build a fan following in no time.

About Me / Us

I am Ashish Sharma at Leisure Cave. I love to blog about Internet,How To topics on Blogging and Web Hosting since 2008.As a hobby,Over the past 12 years I learned a lot, and I still do. Made this blog to strengthen our collective knowledge base.

To help me out in my efforts my two colleagues contribute randomly , for that I am greatful to them. Siya Basu is a Telecom Marketing Manager and she share her insights on telecom sector whenever she can. Pulkit Verma is Gaming and Gadgets enthusiast , so you may see him talking about the same.

It is often a good idea in blogging to stick to a topics of your interest. This makes writing effortless and natural.So, for now , with three authors on board , you will get to see posts on above mentioned topics.

That’s it for today , will keep on updating this section when i can. (last updated 05 June 2020)