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Should you buy Huawei phones after their BAN ?

Why Huawei is banned by Google? According to a new report by the Financial Times, Google is trying to make the case to the Trump administration that it needs to be able to provide technology to Huawei in the name of US national security. ... Google, like all US companies, has been banned from having business dealings with Huawei.
Given they’re a fast-growing smartphone and laptop brand, China-based Huawei is practically synonymous with up-and-coming tech brands, especially with Scarlett Johanssen and Henry Cavill posing stylishly with devices we’re so sure they’re using. The tech company is also pioneering in 5G telecom equipment after spending on research for the good part of two decades.

What does Huawei's trade ban mean for your Huawei or Honor phone? we don't yet have an official reaction from other companies such as Google so the situation remains unchanged at present. However, we'd say that there is a much stronger certainty of new Huawei phones having the offi…