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Here's how to extend Reliance Jio Prime membership for another one year for free - Steps / Video

Jio Prime Renewal Is Free via My Jio App: Just Follow These Step Last week brought good news for Jio Prime members, with the Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom operator announcing a free extension for another 12 months. While that brought to end suspense over the future of the program, Jio Prime membership renewal will not be automatic for existing subscribers. Thankfully, the process is simple enough, especially if you are familiar with the My Jio app. Jio Prime membership expired ended on March 31, regardless of when you paid Rs. 99 to become a member.
Here's how to get Jio Prime benefits
1. For existing Jio Prime members
Step 1: Download MyJio
Step 2: Express your interest to get COMPLIMENTARY membership for next 12 months
Step 3: Enjoy Jio Prime benefits

2. For new Jio Prime members
Pay Rs 99 during on-boarding, for Jio Prime membership for annual subscription.

The Prime subscription was announced in February last year as the company went from a free service and adopted the paid m…

10 Amazing Image Backup Services for android / iOS you should try

Why should you backup your photo gallery / camera roll ?

The answer is simple, and it's because you should.A lost or stolen smartphone is easy enough to replace, but unless you’ve been backing up your photos, those magic moments are gone forever.

Ways to backup your photo gallery.

Offline Storage - Simply store those image files on your local storage.
Cloud storage - Backing Up your images to a remote storage over internet.

Local Backup vs Cloud Storage.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Learning what they are can help you make the best choice for your backups.

Cloud Storage

There are many advantages for backing up data to the cloud. For one, it is cost-effective, and maintenance is not an issue as cloud storage providers handle all of the upgrades and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
Another advantage is scalability. When you need to increase storage space, it is as simple as notifying your service provider. You can increase or decrease space as need…