How to Delete all Gmail emails at once !

If you have an old gmail account like mine (13 years old !) i bet its eating away a lot of your free space quota of 15 GB on GDrive.Every byte of free space on GDrive is precious and should better be used for storing your documents rather than hosting all those junk and promotional emails.

My gmail account is sharing almost half of my Google Drive space, thus i decided its time to ring the bell.Now I want to clear all mypromo and social mails from my Gmail account, but don't feel like selecting every message each time (over 50000 mails :( ).

So the question is - Is there an easy way to delete all my mail from Gmail without having to delete my account?
And the answer is YES . It is actually so simple.

Go to your All mail (be sure as it will delete every email in your account) , or SOCIAL or PROMO or UPDATES etc depending on what you want to delete) and click "Select all" (or the drop down option All from the checkbox far left of Archive | Spam | Delete buttons).
Underneath the | Archive | Spam | Delete | + | - | Move to Inbox | Labels | More | buttons... You'll see a message appear in a yellow bar that says:
All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 25256 conversations in All Mail
Click on the "Select all conversations" link on the right side of the message, then click delete.
The actual deletion process may take a very, very long time, during which you will be unable to use Gmail or log in (don't worry, it's still churning away in the background, even if it gives you an error!)
When it's done, all conversations (except spam) will be in the trash (so you can get it back if you deleted something accidentally) and you should see a message that says "You don't have any mail! Our servers are feeling unloved."

Now just empty the trash and delete all spam, and your account is now empty.

Now your life is Happy and Peaceful once again :) enjoy ! 

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