Free 2TB of storage space on Baidu Yun 2017 - 2018

Need more cloud storage space ? You can get 2 Terabytes of space free for life on Baidu’s cloud storage. The only downside is You need to understand Chinese in order to use this site. But, having said that, you can give Google translate a try on your Chrome.

Baidu, one of the leading web services company in China with the fame of Baidu web search that rivaled Google, is offering 2 TB (terabytes) of permanently free cloud storage space for life through its Baidu Yun or Baidu Cloud cloud storage service, with unlimited bandwidth for upload and download.
Surprise with the huge amount of online disk space on offer? That’s the result of ongoing China’s cloud storage ‘war’, which saw cloud storage service providers throw in up to 10 to 26 TB of free storage space as the bait to lock in the users to their ecosystem.

What’s the catch?
(1) Depending on who you want to believe, your files may be not private or secure after all. They may be subjected to eavesdropping or hacking, but don’t NSA do the same? In addition, as the servers are mostly in China, the transfer speed may be slower. And possible deal breaker, everything is in Chinese. But you can always use online translation service to perform translation on the fly.

(2) Moreovere, the transfer speed (upload/download) is super slow.

(3) You have to install their app on your mobile (android / ios) to get 2 TB space. You can un install it later though.

(4) You have to submit a mobile phone number to get OTP for verification. The OTP itself takes a long time to arrive . (mine took 9 hrs). I think their server sends OTP at specific time of day. ( when the day is getting started in China morning hours ) so better to try for OTP at that time.

The Advantages
(1) 2TB of massive storage

(2) You can add it to cloud networks like multicloud to transfer files between various clouds using server to server transfer.

(3) In addition, Baidu Cloud, or more specifically Baidu Pan or Baidu Web Disk or Baidu Drive (Baidu Cloud hosts a range of services) also allows many advanced features, such as offline downloading. Baidu Pan can download any files via BitTorrent, eD2K, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP automatically and directly to the Baidu Pan cloud storage, without the need of user staying online. And you can stream or play the media directly from the cloud.

How to get Free 2TB of storage space on Baidu Yun 2017 - 2018

To register an Account

1. Follow this link with browser Chrome or another browser that can perform translations from Chinese Simplified to your native language

2. Insert your phone number with your international dialing codes (for me +91 (India))

3. Choose and insert your password (6/14 alphanumeric and symbol)

4. Press button "Get sms verification Code" and wait a little for sms (upto 10 hrs)

5. Insert SMS Verification Code in textbox

6. Press Register button with checkbox "Read and accept the "Baidu User Agreement""

To login in your Account

 1. Login with browser Chrome or another browser that can perform translations from Chinese Simplified to your native language,

 2. Translate and you will notice the link "Overseas Phone number" that will allow you to log in using your mobile number with the country code previously recorded

 3. Insert password

 4. Log in

 5. You found your Baidou disk page

How to get 2TB instead of just 5 GB ?

Go to the following URL to confirm that you’ve claim the additional 2 TB (2048 GB) of cloud storage. If it’s not, click or tap on the red “Claim 2048G” button. Together with the default 5 GB allocated to all Baidu Yun account, you will now have 2053 GB of free Baidu Pan cloud storage. 

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