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How to install Transmission Web Client on Ubuntu Server 12.10

If you are a transload/download  enthusiast and you don't want your money spent on those expansive seedboxes or other paid services like &, this tutorial is for you.

To get started, you need two things-
A server with root access running ubuntuUpdate, Upgrade and install Webmin (See how to install webmin on a ubuntu server here )
Update your software sources first.
1 sudoapt-get update Install the transmission package.
1 sudoapt-get installtransmission-daemon After the installation, create the directory where you want to put all your downloaded files. Let’s just create a Downloads directory inside your home directory.
1 mkdir~/Downloads Since the transmission-daemon runs as the user “debian-transmission”, we have to grant full access to the folder.
1 sudochowndebian-transmission:debian-transmission ~/Downloads Add the current user to debian-transmission group.
1 sudousermod-a -G debian-transmission <user> Change the permissions for the directory to allow onl…