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Unmanaged Ubuntu 12.10 VPS - Easy Start With a LAMP Server and Webmin.

Having an unmanaged vps server is not always a bad thing if you are not too  ambitious and know what you are doing.It certainly saves a lot of money as they come cheaper compared to managed ones.
One of the easiest and most flexible way to get started with an Unmanaged server is to install a Linux os called Ubuntu (12.10)  + Apache + Mysql + Php thus called LAMP Server. These are four basic components that make a webpage work.
Working with these components can be hard unless you have a descent UI to deal with.Thus we are going to install Webmin .
We will also try to install some other useful tools for the server that can make your life less painful.
First things first: updatesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade LAMP Stack (Apache, Mysql, PHP) This will install the LAMP stack in one command
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpMyAdminsudo apt-get install phpmyadmin Choose Apache and then YES for dbconfig-common. If you ever need to edit phpMyAdmin config:
sudo nano /etc/db…