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5 Ways to Host your WordPress Blog on a VPS for FREE !

Many of us started blogging on a free platform like blogger and and then moved towards bigger things like hosting our own blog via blogging softwares like wordpress,drupal and others alike.

While free and hosted platforms like and are easy and reliable, they do not provide ample options to experiment, expand and to really enjoy the full potential of blogging softwares.

So, today i am going to tell you about FIVE Reliable Virtual Private Server providers that can be used to host your blog (typically a WordPress installation as an example) for free !

I am NOT talking about those 3 days or one week trial offers on VPS where you have to move on even before you began to feel it !

Every VPS here is free, thus its for limited period of time, but its enough so that you may install your website and then relax to focus on blogging.

The idea here is to have a root access to the server and a dedicated ip address, so that you are able to install each and ev…