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Free Blog Hosting With cPanel

Our free blog hosting service just got better as we introduced the famous cPanel based hosting to manage the back end of all your blogging needs.

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This change applies to all the existing clients too. When you go to cpanel login page , you will have an option to choose new cPanel or the old vPanel.  The choice is yours.

I hope that you will like this new year change. We are determined to make many more improvements in coming months , so wait and watch.

Thank You to all the clients.

Get Free AdWords Express Credits for One Month free ads on New Accounts

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It's not too late to start connecting with customers searching for your business this holiday season. Create an AdWords Express account by December 16, 2012 and get a free advertising credit in January worth double what you spend between now and the end of December.
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Best blogging platforms,in addition to Free WordPress Hosting for 2013

It's always a good idea to go with the best in the industry & its icing on the cake when this best has all the advantages but no disadvantages.I am talking about wordpress and Free WordPress Hosting !

According to a number of surveys, Free WordPress Hosting is the most popular blogging platform online - both the free, hosted version and the CMS you download and install on your own server. It's easy to use Free WordPress Hosting and it looks neat; the admin panel is also very convenient thanks to AJAX technology. There's a reason Wordpress is so popular. However, is it really the best blogging platform there is?

Then there are some cool guys who like to find out about those untapped blogging resources that no one has ever heard about.This kind of experimentation has its own advantage , and may provide some features that you may find less evident on Free WordPress Hosting.

According to this post published on lifehacker on June 20, 2010 WordPress was a clear leader, and thre…