Send Free SMS From Your Desktop Using WordPress

Today I am going To tell you TEN easy ways of sending a sms message for free on your Desktop using Wordpress.

There are plenty of plugins out there but not all of them work properly for all the countries. So there may be some problem, that's why i have choosen FIVE of the best plugins that will certainly help you.

  1. The First one is called Bongolive SMS - This plugin lets you communicate with all of your customers and indiduals who visit your website or blog via mobile sms using Bongolive SMS services.Bongo Live is a unique online platform to manage sms campaigns and communication. The plugin user must have a vendor account with Bongo Live.… By Michael Shaka.

  2. Second is WP SMS - The SMS via wordpress very easy
    Send SMS to number and numbers
    Send SMS to subscribes
    Subsribe sms
    Show credit
    Send SMS via FLASH
    Widget support
    Support shortcode
    Support suggestion post by SMS.
    Send activation from subscribe.
    Notification of a new wordPress version by SMS (New)
    Language Support:

  3. SMSGlobal SMS Plugin - The SMSGlobal SMS Plugin enables you to increase your traffic to your WordPress site and an increase your post read rates by keeping your users informed via SMS alerts when new posts are added. The plugin also allows you to send SMS manually through the Send SMS tab on the control panel. You have the choice of sending SMS to all users, or to select from individual groups including admins

  4. This one Works Via Contact Form 7 - Contact Form 7 - Clockwork SMS - Adds an SMS box to your Contact Form 7 options pages, fill this in and you'll
    get a text message each time somebody fills out one of your forms.
    You need a Clockwork SMS account and some Clockwork credit to use this plugin.
    Wordpress 3 or higher
    Contact Form 7 2.4 or higher
    A Clockwork SMS account By Mediaburst.

  5. This one claims to send Bulk SMS - Bulk SMS PLugin - May work well with SMS Gateways in India - Bulk SMS Plugin enables Wordpress admins to allow their site visitors to send them SMS using SMS Gateway, it also supports auto response

  6. SMS For e-commerce - WP e-Commerce - Clockwork SMS -Send SMS notifications to your WP e-Commerce customers when order statuses change, and send store administrators an SMS when you get a new order.
    You can also send a quick SMS update to your customer from the order status screen.
    The plugin works with Clockwork which means you can send SMS notifications to anyone, anywhere in the world. Once you've installed the plugin you'll need a username

  7. Get SMS alerts from "Fast and Secure Contact Form" with Fast Secure Contact Form - Clockwork SMS - Receive a text message each time somebody fills out one of your forms.
    You need a Clockwork SMS account and some Clockwork credit to use this plugin.
    Wordpress 3 or higher
    Fast Secure Contact Form version 3.1 or higher

  8. Get an email or SMS alert when a visitor comes to your page - Global - Visitor to SMS - On Visitor (human) hit , Email is dispatched to administrator email's address.
    * Send global SMS messages in the settings page
    * No registration required
    * Data deleted after 7 days. (give or take as crontab might take a couple more second.)
    * Easy Accessibility
    * CLI (command line interface) Enabled
    * Free
    * Uses No CSS, Looks Plain and Ugly. I Wonder if it really works or not ?

    No need to register on nut you need to register on any one of the SMS provider site which are supported by

  10. iSimpleDesign clicktell SMS Plugin - I created this simple plugin to use clicktells api text system it basically displays a form using the shortcode [sms] within any post or page so people can just send you a text instantly to your phone or a number off choice.
    This is in its very basic stages at the moment but i am hoping to really extend this plugin in the coming months.

There are many more , but these were the ones i checked. All of them have been reported working, by someone or the other, what about you ??

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