Which are Top Ten Web Directories for Blogs ?

Every writer wants his/her written material to be read by masses.Each of them want to be famous and get applauded for their work; after all,you are not writing for yourself (of course, if its a personal diary !).

If you are not a well known writer in real life, starting from being unknown and going all the way to being well known, can be a tough job indeed.

The first and the foremost thing you will need is “PATIENCE” (this is for putting a lot of stress on the word !). Keep doing your work,posting regular topics , every other day.Let the time take its course for about a month or so, till you build a sufficient amount of content.

This way , you will be in possession of such a blog that’s got a bit of authority, and will not be considered a spam or otherwise useless bit of marketing junk.

Now its time to expose yourself to viewers around the world (some of which you should already have started getting via organic / search results).

The best place to showcase your blog are blog -o- spheres (~blogospheres).Its like a facebook of bloggers only,who interact with each other and submit their blog’s content to the network’s content pool.

The benefits of submitting your blog to blogospheres are as follows-

  1.  A quick exposure to like minded bloggers, who may become your permanent followers.

  2. More exposure to search engines.- these blogospheres are frequently visited by search giants like google, so your content gets indexed instantly and organic traffic starts pouring in instantly.

  3. It is good for SEO (search engine optimisation) purpose as it provides valuable back links for your blog.

Here is the list of Top Ten places you should never miss-

  1. WordPress.com – It is the largest blogging network and you can register to start a free blog on their subdomain or pay a fee to add your own domain name, but its really worth the money.Whatever topic you choose, there are thousands of fellow bloggers that can respont to your content instantly. Being a photo blogger, i start getting likes (stars) as soon as i post an image. You just have to tag your post with appropriate keywords.

  2. Tumblr – Like wordpress , Tumblogs have a great blogger base and networking where your great content is well received.

  3. Bloggers.com – As said, they do have millions of bloggers on their platform and its growing constantly.It is an active community.You can get quick exposure and followers for a worthy blog.

  4. Indiblogger.in – It is a great networking platform for Indian bloggers. Although specific to India , it is open for everyone to join and submit their blogs.Its a Great community of worthy bloggers.

  5. Technorati.com – The leading blog search engine and directory, Technorati.com indexes more than a million blogs. The site has become the definitive source for the top stories, opinions, photos and videos emerging across news, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, sports, politics and business.

  6. Best of The Web Blogs – Claims to be internet’s oldest  directory of content rich websites and blogs.

  7. DMEGS – it is one of the oldest blog directories that i have heard of right along with dmoz

  8. Blogflux is organized and clear with a strong social element.

  9. Blog Pulse features a powerful community element, on-site analytics, and a clean design. The “submit” page is a bit tricky to find, so here’s the quick link.

  10. Blogs in the Yahoo! Directory – Yahoo’s blog directory, hard to submit , but its worth the effort.

Other than these best options, there are many weblog directories to which you can submit your blogs. You can get more such directories at search engine journal or search the google and share your thoughts.

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