Advanced Web Hosting Features

We provide blog hosting with advanced features at absolutely zero cost !


  • Ultimate service distribution-All services such as web server, control panel, MySQL, DNS, email are hosted on different physical servers so it unlocks a true power of cloud computing. Only with us, every domain you host will be serviced from at least 6 different physical servers at the same time. You will love it!

  • Multiple cloud based servers - On , all client domains are hosted on multiple servers and all their domains utilize over 1000+ IP addresses! Moreover, new IPs and servers are added to the cluster every week. That's a big advantage compared to other blog hosting providers that put all your hosted domains to the same physical server.

  • All in one system - With ,  you get a completely integrated hosted system that has everything you may need: billing system, domain registration, help desk, client sign up integration and many more.

[caption id="attachment_195" align="aligncenter" width="496"]Come and see what we can do for you ... ! Come and see what we can do for you ... ![/caption]



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