Here's how to extend Reliance Jio Prime membership for another one year for free - Steps / Video

Jio Prime Renewal Is Free via My Jio App: Just Follow These Step Last week brought good news for Jio Prime members, with the Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom operator announcing a free extension for another 12 months. While that brought to end suspense over the future of the program, Jio Prime membership renewal will not be automatic for existing subscribers. Thankfully, the process is simple enough, especially if you are familiar with the My Jio app. Jio Prime membership expired ended on March 31, regardless of when you paid Rs. 99 to become a member.
Here's how to get Jio Prime benefits
1. For existing Jio Prime members
Step 1: Download MyJio
Step 2: Express your interest to get COMPLIMENTARY membership for next 12 months
Step 3: Enjoy Jio Prime benefits

2. For new Jio Prime members
Pay Rs 99 during on-boarding, for Jio Prime membership for annual subscription.

The Prime subscription was announced in February last year as the company went from a free service and adopted the paid m…

10 Amazing Image Backup Services for android / iOS you should try

Why should you backup your photo gallery / camera roll ?

The answer is simple, and it's because you should.A lost or stolen smartphone is easy enough to replace, but unless you’ve been backing up your photos, those magic moments are gone forever.

Ways to backup your photo gallery.

Offline Storage - Simply store those image files on your local storage.
Cloud storage - Backing Up your images to a remote storage over internet.

Local Backup vs Cloud Storage.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Learning what they are can help you make the best choice for your backups.

Cloud Storage

There are many advantages for backing up data to the cloud. For one, it is cost-effective, and maintenance is not an issue as cloud storage providers handle all of the upgrades and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
Another advantage is scalability. When you need to increase storage space, it is as simple as notifying your service provider. You can increase or decrease space as need…

How to Delete all Gmail emails at once !

If you have an old gmail account like mine (13 years old !) i bet its eating away a lot of your free space quota of 15 GB on GDrive.Every byte of free space on GDrive is precious and should better be used for storing your documents rather than hosting all those junk and promotional emails.

My gmail account is sharing almost half of my Google Drive space, thus i decided its time to ring the bell.Now I want to clear all mypromo and social mails from my Gmail account, but don't feel like selecting every message each time (over 50000 mails :( ).

So the question is - Is there an easy way to delete all my mail from Gmail without having to delete my account?
And the answer is YES . It is actually so simple.

Go to your All mail (be sure as it will delete every email in your account) , or SOCIAL or PROMO or UPDATES etc depending on what you want to delete) and click "Select all" (or the drop down option All from the checkbox far left of Archive | Spam | Delete buttons).

How to add / embed Google maps in Blogspot blog post and widget

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Blogger as a personal blog, travel blog, for promoting business or to share some information. Google maps will be useful at times in order to show off your holiday destination, business location and tourist spots. So embedding Google maps will really enhance your user experience. Yes because Google maps are flexible, has got more features and moreover it is easy to embed.
You can embed Google maps in to your blog in three magnifying views such as normal map, satellite map and street view. Normal map will just show your location from top angle and that will be useful to find directions. You well know about satellite maps where you can discover the whole world in high resolution satellite images. Another advanced technology is the street view where one can navigate through streets and see real architectures. In this article we show you how to embed Google satellite map as well as street view.

How to add / embed Google maps in blogger bl…

Free 2TB of storage space on Baidu Yun 2017 - 2018

Need more cloud storage space ? You can get 2 Terabytes of space free for life on Baidu’s cloud storage. The only downside is You need to understand Chinese in order to use this site. But, having said that, you can give Google translate a try on your Chrome.

Baidu, one of the leading web services company in China with the fame of Baidu web search that rivaled Google, is offering 2 TB (terabytes) of permanently free cloud storage space for life through its Baidu Yun or Baidu Cloud cloud storage service, with unlimited bandwidth for upload and download.
Surprise with the huge amount of online disk space on offer? That’s the result of ongoing China’s cloud storage ‘war’, which saw cloud storage service providers throw in up to 10 to 26 TB of free storage space as the bait to lock in the users to their ecosystem.

What’s the catch?
(1) Depending on who you want to believe, your files may be not private or secure after all. They may be subjected to eavesdropping or hacking, but don’t NSA…

How to install Transmission Web Client on Ubuntu Server 12.10

If you are a transload/download  enthusiast and you don't want your money spent on those expansive seedboxes or other paid services like &, this tutorial is for you.

To get started, you need two things-
A server with root access running ubuntuUpdate, Upgrade and install Webmin (See how to install webmin on a ubuntu server here )
Update your software sources first.
1 sudoapt-get update Install the transmission package.
1 sudoapt-get installtransmission-daemon After the installation, create the directory where you want to put all your downloaded files. Let’s just create a Downloads directory inside your home directory.
1 mkdir~/Downloads Since the transmission-daemon runs as the user “debian-transmission”, we have to grant full access to the folder.
1 sudochowndebian-transmission:debian-transmission ~/Downloads Add the current user to debian-transmission group.
1 sudousermod-a -G debian-transmission <user> Change the permissions for the directory to allow onl…

Unmanaged Ubuntu 12.10 VPS - Easy Start With a LAMP Server and Webmin.

Having an unmanaged vps server is not always a bad thing if you are not too  ambitious and know what you are doing.It certainly saves a lot of money as they come cheaper compared to managed ones.
One of the easiest and most flexible way to get started with an Unmanaged server is to install a Linux os called Ubuntu (12.10)  + Apache + Mysql + Php thus called LAMP Server. These are four basic components that make a webpage work.
Working with these components can be hard unless you have a descent UI to deal with.Thus we are going to install Webmin .
We will also try to install some other useful tools for the server that can make your life less painful.
First things first: updatesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade LAMP Stack (Apache, Mysql, PHP) This will install the LAMP stack in one command
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpMyAdminsudo apt-get install phpmyadmin Choose Apache and then YES for dbconfig-common. If you ever need to edit phpMyAdmin config:
sudo nano /etc/db…